3D printing

Additive manufacturing in the classroom

Experiment and acquire new knowledge

3D printing is a very powerful and multifunctional didactic tool that can be adapted to different levels of education and for a wide variety of subjects within each stage, whether for schools and higher vocational training courses or for multiple training families.

An engine that provides multiple possibilities and broadens the range of interactivity, creativity, technique, teamwork, critical thinking and collaboration in the educational environment. For students, it means a further step in their knowledge, through which they learn from their limits and difficulties.

Transversality of technology

The solutions provided by 3D printing are the perfect accompaniment to develop students' STEAM competences: skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. For this reason, more and more educational families are including 3D printing in their learning plans and a large number of areas within the education sector are applying it. It is a technology that allows you to see, touch and feel in the first person, so it has great potential as an educational resource in VET centres.

Close the design circle

The integration of 3D printing helps students gain design skills to create prototypes, as well as being able to print them. In this way, they can close the design loop as well as interact with physical forms by testing their ideas in a tangible way and become familiar with digital manufacturing processes. A resource that allows them to evaluate, rationalise and solve problems in the classroom.

A technology with a professional future

More and more Vocational Training Centres and educational families require knowledge of 3D printing. The handling of this technology can bring a lot of value, it provides skills that can be very beneficial for the professional future of students and prepares them for a career in a wide variety of industries, developing their potential in manufacturing, design and technology.

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