Case study: Colaboración entre Institut Gindàvols, CIPFP Canastell y IES Virgen del Pilar

Immersive training in the field of industrial refrigeration

This is a Virtual Reality tool that allows immersive training of students in the field of industrial refrigeration, applying innovative methodologies in education and implementing tools that occur in Industry 4.0 such as Virtual Reality, having as Sustainable Development Goals, the use of natural refrigerants such as ammonia. Thanks to the simulator integrated in the vocational training centres in Industrial Refrigeration: Institut Gindàvols, CIPFP Canastell and IES Virgen del Pilar, students can understand the operation of the installation, identify its components and train risk-free maintenance operations.

"The simulator allows the trainee to understand the operation of the installation while realistically identifying the components. It also enables basic maintenance operations to be trained without any risk".

Joan Castellà, VET teacher at Institut Guindàvols


To train students in the handling and repair of machine rooms. To learn to identify the different components of the plant, as well as the components of the apparatus that make it up and finally the work processes required to be able to repair them.

Technological achievements

Gamification of a list of instructions and tasks
Optimise to run with PC to Pico Wireless Streaming

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