Case study: Aula AtecA at Institut Milà i Fontanals

Complete learning through 3D printing

Thanks to the integration of 3D printing at the Institut Milà i Fontanals in Igualada, students can develop key activities in problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation. They themselves can close the design circle, from the initial phase to the printing of the prototype. A transversal technology that brings a lot of value to the classroom, provides skills that can be very beneficial for students' future careers and prepares them for a career in a wide variety of industries, developing their potential in manufacturing, design and technology. The center has also incorporated Virtual Reality goggles, which allow technologies to converge and thus encourage the emergence of new possibilities and challenge existing perceptions.

"Thanks to the integration of a technology classroom, our center is now equipped with the technology of the present, which allows our vocational students to develop their skills and foster their potential."

Ramon Ulldemolins, Teacher at Centro Institut Milà i Fontanals


Integration of 3D printing and Virtual Reality in the classroom.

Technological achievements

Prototype design
3D printing of designs created by the students themselves
Learning to use a professional 3D printer
Learning a booming technology, increasingly in demand in different professional sectors

Integrated technologies

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