Farming Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulator for Agriculture Vocational Education and Training Courses

Learn about the primary sector through Virtual Reality

The tool provides students with learning related to the handling of vehicles and tools typical of the agricultural sector. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the student is able to carry out operations in the field: planting, cultivating, fumigating, harvesting, etc. The trial error method through practice with Virtual Reality glasses helps students to improve the use of the different agricultural applications for the tractor, the application of phytosanitary products and the study and analysis of any crop in the field.


  • Improved efficiency in cultivation, management of agricultural applications and support in agricultural practice.
  • The three-dimensional experience allows students to anticipate possible scenarios and know how to act when faced with changes in the weather, machinery failures or crop problems.
  • Offers technical training to future farmers.

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