Health Emergency Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulator for Health Emergencies Vocational Education and Training Courses

Practice in VR to learn health safety protocols

Technologies such as Virtual Reality and tools such as a health emergency simulator allow students to train in highly complex scenarios that require immediate action and response. The simulator illustrates different situations that would be very costly or impossible to recreate in real life, so students become familiar with the procedures, tasks and organization in an emergency and can avoid common mistakes in a stressful environment, such as an accident or an urgent intervention. They can learn to manage materials, equipment and protocol in different situations.


  • High level of realism and high definition in the 3D recreation of health emergencies.
  • Students are able to train their behavior, experiencing as many times as necessary, complex scenarios that require concentration and determination.
  • The simulator promotes student safety in emergencies.
  • It serves not only to define the procedures of the personnel who must handle the situation, but also of the people who are at the emergency site.

Simulator activities

Evaluation of rescue scenes in hard-to-reach spaces
Vertical access and evacuation techniques
Evaluation of environments with adverse weather conditions
Rescue of victims in high mountains
Basic first aid actions
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques (CPR)
Confined space rescue
Victim protection
Learning immobilization and transport techniques for critical patients
Training in the management of respiratory emergencies and asphyxiation

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