Mechanical Manufacturing Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulator for Mechanical Manufacturing Vocational Training Cycles

Operates realistic machines in virtual environments

The Mechanical Manufacturing simulator allows students to develop knowledge and skills, such as the handling of realistic machines, in professional training related to manufacturing and assembly, machining or molding of metals and polymers, in a safe and risk-free way, as students can gain experience long before visiting the plant. Thanks to Virtual Reality, they will be able to identify the parts and elements that make up the machines, as well as their configuration and use, a very real way to visualize the environment and become familiar with it.


  • Identify the components of the different machines and tools.
  • The learner can become familiar with the use of the machinery.
  • Receiving information in a gamified way helps students retain information and reinforce knowledge.
  • Students can acquire safety and become aware of safety measures.
  • Virtual Reality promotes a safe working environment.

Simulator activities

Machining and machining of parts
Assembly and mounting of mechanical components
Design and modeling of 3D parts
CNC machine operation
Welding and joining techniques
Strength testing and stress simulation of structures
Preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery
Operation of cutting and abrasive tools
Simulation of in-line production processes
Machine diagnosis and repair

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