Oral Hygiene Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulator for Oral Hygiene Vocational Education and Training Courses

Explore the patient's oral health in VR

Virtual Reality adds value to teaching by giving all students the option to carry out practical work experience from the very first moment. Future oral hygienists can begin their training with cases and patients and in a three-dimensional consultation room, which resembles reality, as well as being able to use all the essential tools to carry out cleanings, explore the oral health status of a patient or detect any anomaly in the oral cavity.


  • Familiarisation with the working environment and tools.
  • Learning the steps and protocols to follow in specific situations.
  • Having the possibility of detecting oral health problems thanks to simulation.
  • Correct coordination with the professional team.

Simulator Activities

Practice of exploration and diagnostic techniques
Learning to use tools and sterilization
Simulation of tooth brushing and cleaning
Oral health examinations of the patient
Application of mouth rinses and mouthwashes
Cleaning of orthodontic appliances
Caries prevention
Dental X-rays
Oral care education for different ages

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