Programming, simulation and control of CNC machines

Develop your own machining projects

WinUnisoft+ is an easy-to-use and intuitive program that allows students to create their own machining projects using the control of their choice: Fagor, Fanuc or Siemens, with the possibility of completing the work on one of Alecop's CNC machines. Its design, designed for teaching, brings the user closer to industrial reality with control emulators with a very realistic appearance.

One software, different controls

Students can practice with different programming languages ​​in a didactic environment. It allows editing and simulating CNC programs, as well as defining all the machine and tool parameters necessary to machine a part on a lathe or milling machine. WinUnisoft+ has been conceived to speed up the learning process. In the learning process, it is essential to have tools to simulate and adapt programs before actually producing them. In this way, problems are avoided and the time-machine that each student needs is reduced.

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