XR Headsets

Gafas de Realidad Extendida

Virtual Reality Headsets

State-of-the-art headsets that will provide you with an impressive immersive experience. Multiple optical sensors, high resolution, comfort and flexibility are some of the attributes of Virtual Reality glasses that offer an unbeatable experience.

Augmented Reality Headsets

With the Augmented Reality smart glasses you can reduce operating errors with step-by-step visual instructions and checklists among many other real applications. Complete devices for smarter, more efficient, faster and safer work. Ideal for use in manufacturing or field service.

Mixed Reality headsets

Projections before your eyes that will create a combination between the physical world and a virtual hologram. Holographic, autonomous, ergonomic and untethered devices, for precise and efficient hands-free work. A holographic device with classroom-ready applications to increase accuracy and user output.

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