Case study: Integration of 3D printing at Escola del Treball

Comprehensive training, from design to 3D printing

3D printing skills are increasingly in demand in different professional sectors. Thanks to the integration of a technological classroom and 3D printing in the classroom, students can be trained in a field with great future prospects. Learning to be autonomous in the use of this technology, from the design of prototypes to their printing. Within the professional family of mechanical manufacturing and the branch of knowledge of engineering and architecture, there is additive manufacturing, which in centers such as Escola del Treball train students in professions such as experts in additive manufacturing systems, 3D printing, product design for 3D printing, 3D scanning designers and experts in rapid prototyping, for example.

"Students who are trained in additive manufacturing will find jobs in a short time after finishing their studies, the use of this technology is increasingly demanded by many professional sectors. The integration of a 3D printing classroom allows us to train professionals for the new professions of the future, linked to sustainability, technology or electronics."

Joan, Additive manufacturing teacher at Escola del Treball


Integration of 3D printing and Virtual Reality in the classroom.

Technological achievements

Prototype design
3D printing of designs created by the students themselves
Learning to use a professional 3D printer
Learning a booming technology, increasingly in demand in different professional sectors.

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