Case study - IES Virgen de la Encina

New educational and technological proposal at IES Virgen de la Encina

For the Virgen de la Encina Institute we created a customised technology classroom to encourage creativity, imagination and collaboration among students, as well as equipping them with essential technology skills for their future. The classroom was designed as an innovative space where technology and learning merge. It was equipped with an Ultimaker S3 3D printer, different types of material and a storage box for filaments; Virtual Reality glasses to explore without limits; and an interactive screen to improve communication between student and teacher.

All this generated multiple very significant benefits for the students, such as the acquisition of very useful technological skills for their future employment, the enhacement of creativity and the creation of innovative projects and the development of multidisciplinary skills among students from different areas: artistic, social or technological.

"Our experience with the Aula Ateca and its integrated technologies has been exceptional. We are delighted to see how our students have become passionate and creative learners. This tool has completely transformed the way we teach and how our students learn."


To empower students to meet the technological challenges of today's and tomorrow's world, while developing their creativity and multidisciplinary skills.

Technological achievements

To materialise your ideas and prototypes
Understanding three-dimensional concepts
To explore abstract concepts in a visual and practical way

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