Case study: Integral technological classroom in CIFP Simon de Colonia

Exceptional educational transformation combining 4.0 technologies

CIFP Simón de Colonia has been one of the centers that has successfully implemented an Applied Technology Classroom (Ateca Classroom). This classroom has been designed to incorporate digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship in its center, providing students with an updated and complete training. By integrating 3D printers and scanners, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, touchscreen whiteboards, cameras and televisions, the center has created an enriched and collaborative learning environment. These technologies have enabled students to explore the materialization of ideas in 3D, immerse themselves in virtual and hands-on experiences, dynamically interact with information on touchscreens and produce exceptional multimedia content. The combination of technologies represents an educational leap into a future driven by innovation and excellence at CIFP Simón de Colonia.

"Thanks to the integration of advanced technologies and collaborative approaches in our classrooms, our students have experienced exceptional growth in their skills and entrepreneurial mindset. We are training professionals who are prepared to face the challenges of the modern world with confidence and creativity."


The goal is to prepare students not only with technical knowledge, but also with digital, innovation and entrepreneurship skills that will be valuable in their professional future.

Technological achievements

Materialize your ideas and prototypes
Understanding of three-dimensional concepts
To explore abstract concepts in a visual and practical way
Production and presentation of multimedia content

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