Case study: Technology classroom at IES Álvaro Yáñez de Bembibre

An educational future driven by 3D printing and virtual and mixed reality

The educational transformation at IES Álvaro Yáñez de Bembibre through the implementation of advanced technologies in its applied technology classroom (Aula Ateca) demonstrates its commitment to the modernization and transformation of vocational training. By bringing students closer to the world of work through tools such as 3D Printers and Scanners, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality with HoloLens 2 and more, the center has positioned itself as an example of success in integrating innovative technologies to enrich the educational experience and prepare students for a more competitive professional future.

"With the integration of multidisciplinary technologies, we are offering our students practical knowledge that is very focused on preparing them for their future in the labor market. After all, they can learn hands-on about multiple technologies that would otherwise be unknown to them. We choose to reflect the current reality of the industry in our classrooms".


To provide students with the necessary knowledge for their integration into the labor market.

Technological achievements

Materialize their ideas and prototypes
Understanding three-dimensional concepts
Explore abstract concepts in a visual and practical way.
Production and presentation of multimedia content
The students themselves manage to digitize and create 360º content

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