Electromechanics and Automotive Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulator for the Electromechanics and Automotive Vocational Training cycles

Test your knowledge in electromechanics and automotive thanks to VR

First the theory and then the practice? With Virtual Reality, practice and theory go very well together in the virtual environment. Students can learn at the same time as they carry out different exercises in a three-dimensional space very similar to the one they will encounter tomorrow in the professional field. From the choice of the equipment needed to carry out the work to the repair, students can practice all the phases involved in the operation, as well as obtain grades and collect failures and successes, in order to carry out an evaluation.


  • The student learns to correctly choose personal protective equipment.
  • Reinforces work protocols, such as checking the condition of all PPE.
  • Helps in the memorization and recognition of parts and materials in a visual way.
  • It tests the knowledge acquired in the classroom with different levels of difficulty.

Simulator activities

Repair and maintenance of vehicle electrical systems
Diagnosis and troubleshooting in electromechanical systems
Automotive component assembly simulation
Diagnostic tests on automotive electronic systems
Learning of welding and joining techniques for automotive materials
Use of automotive diagnostic tools and equipment
Training in electric and mechanical propulsion systems
Preventive maintenance on engines and transmission systems
Experiences of driving and operating vehicles in a virtual environment
Troubleshooting and repair of steering and braking systems

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