Chemistry Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulator for Chemistry Vocational Education and Training Courses

Chemistry training in a virtual laboratory

The chemistry simulator focuses on training in a virtual laboratory, to test students on the theory learnt in class. They will learn to identify and correctly use the instruments, which they will have to use to carry out the work, always with complementary training on safety measures. Thanks to Virtual Reality, students can also analyse samples in the virtual environment, following all the necessary steps up to the analysis of the results, without risk and in complete safety. They will learn how to handle dangerous chemicals, boilers and reactors that can endanger their health and that of others. As well as knowing 100% about all the risks of the industry, for their training and knowledge, but also for their subsequent incorporation in the sector.

Benefits of the simulator

  • Practise the steps and safety measures for the safe use of a laboratory.
  • Identify the necessary tools and learn how to treat samples.
  • Identify the procedures and safety measures for the analysis of samples.
  • Reproduce spaces and practices that in reality are costly and dangerous.
  • Acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to respond safely to dangerous situations.
  • To promote a safe working environment, health protection and safety in laboratories.

To emulate procedures with less danger and less cost

Thanks to the chemistry simulator it is possible to imitate the same procedures and equipment as in the real laboratory. Virtual Reality brings added value to practices that cannot be carried out in reality, due to the high cost and danger involved. Given the impossibility of carrying out simulations with real chemical substances, the safest alternative is the immersive reproduction of real situations through Virtual Reality. In this way, students can learn to identify risks, learn about good practices, know how to act in the event of accidents and put their learning into practice, without putting their safety at risk. The simulator helps them to acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to respond safely in the event of an accident.

100% personalised training

Virtual Reality training for the chemical industry is highly immersive and allows the addition of different resources when presenting information: step-by-step tasks, infographics, videos, images, 3D models, animations, voice commands... Ultimately, this means that training can be 100% customised, according to the needs and requirements of each centre. The result is highly trained students in risk tasks, who are able to respond quickly to any hazard or mishap that may affect their health and/or safety.

Collaborative platform

The use of simulators enables collaboration between centres, allowing them to share resources and knowledge in training in this educational family. It is a medium that not only allows the centres to work together, but as an added value, it also makes it possible to add other compatible simulators that make the training experience complete and cover many areas of knowledge.

Integrated technologies

Virtual Reality Glasses

Simulator integration

Many centres have already incorporated this technology into their training plans. With AtecA Classrooms we provide all the necessary knowledge to integrate Virtual Reality into the classroom. With specific training so that teachers can guide their students in the practices in a virtual laboratory.

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